Orienteering Events

Foot orienteering is a sport that combines endurance with navigational skills. Participants compete against the clock to find control points in unfamiliar terrain, using a specially prepared map.

Find your fitness with an orienteering challenge

Orienteering sport is an exciting and challenging activity that requires mental and physical agility in tough terrain.

Originally designed as a military training activity, orienteering tests the concentration, navigational skills and fitness of participants.

Orienteering events are available in a variety of disciplines including running, mountain biking, skiing and canoeing.

Sprint events typically last for around 15 minutes, while the winners in the longest events generally complete the course in around 1-3 hours, depending on fitness levels and mode of transport.

It makes a great team sport as each member brings their own skills and attributes. This sport increases physical fitness and sharpens the mind by honing decision-making skills. Success is finding the right balance between mental and physical agility, with each enhancing the other.

The challenge is different from just racing, with the added element of navigating the route adding an extra dimension.

If you love fitness and competition, you’ll love orienteering.

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