Rise Up Challenge: Crossroads

Please note that by lack of information, the event has been archived.
18 Haziran 2016, Cumartesi
The event starts at 08:00.

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The RISE UP Challenge (RUC) is a one of a kind event in the heart of the city that will test your physical, mental and emotional strength to push yourself past limitations and open your eyes to what YOU really can do when you put your mind to it and raise the bar! RISE UP was born out of OUR passion to change YOUR life from this moment forward. Have you ever come to a crossroads in life? One route may be the fast and easy way, where the other route may be the slow and painful route. But here’s the kicker, you never know which is which. Do you go with your brain, or follow your instinct? CROSSROADS isn’t just a race, it’s a puzzle. Choose correctly and the finish line will be an easy trek through the city. Choose horribly and you’re in for a challenging day of twists, turns and the unknown. The question really isn’t about “When will I finish” but more so “Will I survive?” Enlist and you’re in for a 10+ Mile course with an unknown number of challenges that will demand skill, teamwork, endurance and strength. Survive and you will walk away with memories that may just change your outlook on life and a keepsake to signify the change.


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