Kielder Ultra Trail

Geri dönüş 4 Nisan 2020, Cumartesi Ertelenen 6 Nisan 2019, Cumartesi 7 Nisan 2018, Cumartesi 8 Nisan 2017, Cumartesi
4 Nisan 2020, Cumartesi Ertelenen
The event starts at 05:30.

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The event is organized by High Terrain Events. Check the other events they organize.
Our events cover a multitude of outdoor activities over all terrain. They will take you over mountains, through forest and across lakes, amidst some of the most spectacular scenery Britain has to offer. We appeal not only to seasoned athletes who relish a challenge, but to anyone who loves the outdoors, at any level of fitness or ability. The emphasis is on enjoyment and gaining inspiration from your surroundings, being in a natural environment that is awe inspiring and at the end of the day feeling a sense of achievement.


82 km

4 Nisan 2020, Cumartesi (Cumartesi) - 07:30
Cut off: 20:00 saat
82 kilometers
1.534 meters
1.537 meters
4 ITRA Points
Trail UTMB Solo

50 km

4 Nisan 2020, Cumartesi (Cumartesi) - 09:30
Cut off: 12:00 saat
50 kilometers
894 meters
895 meters
2 ITRA Points
Trail UTMB Solo

32 km

4 Nisan 2020, Cumartesi (Cumartesi) - 09:45
Cut off: 16:00 saat
32 kilometers
640 meters
642 meters
Trail Solo

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